It is estimated that 15% of world-wide water use is for household purposes. These include drinking water, bathing, cooking, sanitation, and gardening. Basic household water requirements have been estimated by Dr. Peter Gleick at around 50 liters per person per day, excluding water for gardens.

Most household water is treated and returned to surface water systems, with the exception of water used for landscapes. (Please see Groundwater Cycle for more information) Household water use is therefore less consumptive than agricultural or industrial uses.

Water wells are constructed differently depending on the natural conditions in your area. In Central Georgia, we find ourselves uniquely positioned between two distinctly different geologic regions. The Piedmont Region of Georgia and the Coastal Plain Region of Georgia provide an almost infinite number of drilling conditions and ground water well capabilities. (See Geology in Georgia for more details)

Drilled wells are more likely to provide a reliable, and safe source of water which can recharge themselves. The shallow bored well may be used in our region, however this type of well can go dry during periods of drought. Bored wells are prone to pollution. For additional information on the types of wells please see Types of Water Wells. For additional information on the services and options available to you by Greene's Water Well LLC please see Available Equipment.

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